Chicken masala fry indian food


Chicken masala fry..😍😍
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500 gms chickens
Masala paste of 5-6 onions,12-13 garlic cloves n 1incg ginger..3tbs mustard oil,2tbs each turmeric red chilli cumin coriander chicken masala n salt to taste,2bayleaves,2 chopped tomatoes..

Wash chickens well,heat a pan,add oil,bayleaf,add masala paste,add drys pieces add chopped tomatoes,cook till masala leaves oil,now add chicken s to it,cook it by covering it n stiting in between the whole process in lower or medium flame as it might get burnt now whn it gets 80% tendered add 1cup water n keep it cooking till they r done, its a dry recipe,so make it dry at last add garam masala powder..