recover deleted file android


Recycle Master Premium Android app lets recovers deleted files just like a recycle bin of Windows PC or Trash of Mac. Simple interface with very useful features makes this app so popular within few days after launching by DC Mobile Dev Team. It makes risk-free your Android phone data so that even after accidentally remove you can restore it as the original.

The Master-Recycle Bin, a Premium File recovery software for Android is like the Windows Mac Bin. It ensures you can erase pictures and videos from your device to restore it. Have you ever accidentally deleted your phone’s significant photos and videos? Download the Recycle Master software to get data recovery if you have a Recycle Bin or Basket Bin on your Android device. After that, the recycling container or the waste is immediately backed up for all the lost photos, clips, files, and other file types. Then you can quickly restore and retrieve deleted files at all times.

You can use Recycle Master as a dumpster folder upon download. Please enter all your hidden pictures or documents that you don’t have to delete. View these files directly at Recycle Master, or retrieve them from the dumpster whenever you like.

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